Sustainable Management and Practice
  About Chunghwa Post
  Message from the Top Management
  ESG Sustainability Management
  Stakeholder Identification and Engagement
  Sustainability Materiality Assessment and Topic Boundary
  Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  2022 Sustainability Achievements and Performance
  Operational Performance

  Enhanced Sustainable Governance
  Management Approach of Enhanced Sustainable Governance
  Corporate Governance
  Information Security and Customer Privacy
  Digital Development
  Integrity Management and Compliance
  Supply Chain Management
  Risk Management and Internal Control Mechanism

  Stepping toward Net Zero Emissions
  Management Approach of Stepping toward Net Zero Emissions
  Climate Change
  Green Behavior
  Environmental Performance

  Achieving Green Finance
  Management Approach of Achieving Green Finance
  Financial Inclusion
  Investment Status
  Responsible Investment Assessment
  Leveraging ESG Impact

  Fulfilling Social Inclusion
  Management Approach of Fulfilling Social Inclusion
  Social Care
  Promoting Postal Culture

  Creating Quality Services
  Management Approach of Creating Quality Services
  Innovation of Mail Business
  Innovation of Postal Savings and Remittances
  Innovation of Postal Simple Life Insurance
  Innovation of Philately
  Innovation of E-Commerce
  Customer Relationship Management

  Creating a Happy Workplace
  Management Approaches of Creating a Happy Workplace
  Workforce Structure
  Care for Employees
  Attaching Importance to Human Rights
  Workforce Training and Development
  Occupational Safety and Health

  Special Column of ESG in 2022
  Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  Post APP Providing Heartfelt Services
  Inauguration Ceremony of Chunghwa Post’s Postal Logistics Park
  Promotion of Edu-care Services in the Workplace

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